Monday, 10 September 2018 06:09

Fyah blazes for ganja

LUTAN Fyah is calling for the legalisation of marijuana (ganja) in Jamaica. His thoughts can be heard in his latest single Spliff Tail.

“I truly support the use of marijuana and it's legalisation, smoking weed originally for I is a sacrament. I would say to them follow the world and legalise this plant or get left behind,” said Lutan Fyah.

Spliff Tail was released on April 20 on the BaDArT Muzic. It is available for purchase on all digital platforms. The video, directed by Richard Brown Films Visuals, can be viewed on YouTube. The reggae singjay also believes the marijuana plant has great economic advantages for Jamaica.

“Our Jamaica have one of the world's most fertile land and with that we can cultivate enough marijuana for all purpose and benefit from it economically. Some countries across the world have already legalised the herb, I think it will be legal in every capital of the world soon,” said Lutan Fyah.

Since late 2014, the Jamaican Government has eased restrictions on the use of ganja. Legislations include allowing individuals with small amounts of ganja exempt from prosecution.

Lutan Fyah said he is pleased to see how several parts of the world has embraced ganja.

“As for me, a Jamaican Rasta man who has been singing and agitating for the use of marijuana and its legalisation in Jamaica, now to see or smell a spliff out in public, most places I go around the world nowadays, that just bring great joy to me. Nothing is more to me like when I ask a police officer for a light in Amsterdam to light my spliff,” Lutan Fyah added.

Lutan Fyah's given name is Anthony Martin. As a schoolboy, he represented St Andrew Technical High in the Manning Cup competition from 1995 to 1997. In 1997 he took the played for Hazard United, which was later renamed Portmore United.

He had two stints (1999/2001 and 2000/2001) at Constant Spring Football Club before hanging up his boots.

He was given his musical break by Buju Banton in 1998 and recorded All The Atrocity.

His other songs include Criminal, Perfect Storm, Bossman, and Let Me Be. In his home country with a new project already trending in the European and North American markets. The Spliff Tail single is seen as an ode to recreationally smoking the plant cultivated in Jamaica, but is still seen as negative in some legal parameters in the country.

Lutan has always supported the herb in previous recorded material, this time however, the artiste is more vocal about the recreational use of weed as the world changes it views on the plant, yet his own country is backward with only recently decimalising the possession of the herb in some quantities. The artiste is a firm believer in the marijuana plant also having great economic advantages for Jamaica as well.

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