Friday, 09 March 2018 05:16

Becca Not Invited

Arie Luyendyk Jr., the leading man of "The Bachelor" season 22, is now undoubtedly happy with his new fiancee Lauren Burnham, but it seems like there are some bitterness left following the dramatic breakup between Arie and winner Becca Kufrin. The pair, who got engaged on the Tuesday, March 6 taping of "After the Final Rose", discussed their wedding plans with Us Weekly where the race car driver appeared to shade Becca.

Arie first revealed that they consider to make their nuptials, which the pair envisioned as an evening or sunset wedding with "good lighting" and "lots of white flowers," public. "We talked about maybe doing a TV wedding if that worked in our timeline," he revealed. "We want to get married soon. We've also talked about eloping," Lauren chimed in.

When asked whether their fellow "The Bachelor" contestants would be a part of the celebration, Lauren replied, "We've thrown a lot of ideas out there, but I think I would like to have some of my friends from the show there. I think Arie would too." Then, Arie added, "Yes, I wouldn't mind. And just tell Becca she's not invited," joking about Becca, to whom he was engaged for a few weeks.

Arie and Lauren have a lot of things going on these past few days after Arie dumped on-camera then-fiancee Becca just weeks after filming the finale to pursue his love for Lauren. Becca later confronted the realtor in "After the Final Rose", asking him why he proposed to her if he wasn't fully sure of his own feelings. Arie blamed "the pressure of being The Bachelor," explaining, "[The pressure of] knowing there's a timeline and having to make the decision on that day."

Becca, who was later that night announced as the next The Bachelorette, wasn't having it as she insisted that he always had a choice. "I make no excuse," Arie responded.

Arie is now dealing with negative response from both co-stars and fans of the franchise. "Arie is shocked at the overwhelmingly negative reaction he is getting from Bachelor nation," a source said to HollywoodLife.com. "He doesn't get what all the frustration is over his love story with Lauren. He had no idea how difficult the entire experience was going to be and he feels like he was his genuine self the whole time."

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