Wednesday, 12 July 2017 15:45

Jay-Z and Kanye West Will Never Reconcile

Jay-Z and Kanye West's current feud is reportedly beyond the point of repair and they will likely never reconcile. They were once the closest of friends and collaborators before Jay-Z slammed Kanye on his new song called "Kill Jay-Z" due to their Tidal dispute. 

A source says, "They will never speak again. It's over." It looks like the "Empire State of Mind" rapper and the "Famous" hitmaker will no longer be running any towns together any time in the near future. 

In the song "Kill Jay-Z", Beyonce Knowles' husband rapped, "But this 'f**k everybody' attitude ain't natural/But you ain't the same, this ain't KumbaYe/ But you got hurt because you did cool by 'Ye/ You gave him 20 million without blinkin/ He gave you 20 minutes on stage, f**k was he thinkin'?/ F**k wrong with everybody?' is what you sayin'/ But if everybody's crazy, you're the one that's insane." 

Shortly after Jay-Z released the track, Kanye decided to pull his music from Tidal and void his contract. 


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